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Illustration Software

You need information and you need it fast.  That's why North American designed our illustration software and agent site, NorthAmericanCompany.com, to make getting information quick and simple.  

North American Company Illustration Software (NACIS)

North American's illustration software lets you easily compare products to give your clients the best solution.  It's agent-designed and includes Insmark Advanced Market Software for your advanced market illustrations.

NACIS offers the capability and ease to help you sell:

  • Run all of your basic illustrations from a single screen
  • View and print all required forms for your sale
  • Compare products at a glance with our Compare feature
  • Ensure you have the most current products, riders, state availability and interest rate information with automatic updates

NACIS's unique UL Compare feature lets you compare products in a snap.  It helps you determine which product will perform best for your particular client. 


North American's agent Website is a resource loaded with the tools, information and materials you need to help your business grow.  You'll find fresh content and user-friendly navigation. 

Here is a glimpse of what you'll find: