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Survivorship GIUL


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Get case design support on your next Survivorship GIUL
Indexed univeral life insurance case!

Call (800) 800-3656, extension 10411 and North American's Sales Support team
will show you how Survivorship GIUL can help your clients meet future financial concerns.

  • Comprehensive death benefit protection covering two lives

  • Survivor Premium Guarantee Rider that offers guaranteed death benefit protection up to age 1201

  • Waiver of Surrender Charge Option—with this option, surrender charges are waived in all years2

  • Return of Premium Death Benefit Option3

  • Several Index Options and Index Crediting Methods provide opportunity for cash value accumulation

  • Individuals

    • Estate Planning

    • Supplemental Retirement Income

  • Businesses

    • Continuity Planning

    • Premium Financing

  • Beneficial survivorship features include an Estate Preservation Rider and Survivorship Policy Split Exchange:

    • The Estate Preservation Rider provides an additional benefit amount to cover potential estate tax liability during the first four policy years. See marketing guide PR-1435 for details.

    • The Survivorship Policy Split Exchange allows the policy to be split into two separate non-variable individual life insurance policies. See marketing guide PR-1435 for details.

  • Strong cash-value accumulation opportunity with several index options and index crediting methods—including the S&P 500® Monthly Point-to-Point, the S&P MidCap 400®, the Russell 2000® and several more.

  • Issue Ages: Issue Ages are Determined on an Age Nearest Basis
    Issue Ages
    Super Preferred NT: 20-80
    Standard NT: 20-90
    Preferred NT: 20-85
    Standard Tobacco: 20-90
    Preferred Tobacco: 20-85

    Survivorship GIUL uses a joint equal age calculation to combine the two insureds into a single joint equal age. The joint equal age is used for determining no-lapse guarantee premiums, target premiums, expense charges, surrender charges, endorsement and rider charges. North American's illustration software automatically calculates the joint equal age and rates. Joint equal age limit for issue is 20-90.

  • Minimum Face Amount: $200,000

  • Interest Rate on the Fixed Account:

    • Guaranteed: 3%

  • Underwriting Classes

    • Super Preferred NT, Preferred NT, Standard NT, Preferred Tobacco and Standard Tobacco.

  • No Lapse Guarantee Period:

    • The no-lapse guarantee (NLG) period is based upon the age of the younger insured. The no-lapse guarantee periods below apply only when the Survivor Premium Guarantee Rider is not selected and the no lapse guarantee minimum premium is paid. (When the Survivor Premium Guarantee Rider is selected, the no lapse guarantee period is three years for all issue ages.)

      NLG Period
      20 years
      To age 70
      5 years

Call Sales Support at (800) 800-3656 ext. 10411 or email at
to help your clients meet future financial needs.


Neither North American Company nor its agents give legal or tax advice. Please advise your customers to consult with and rely on a qualified legal or tax advisor before entering into or paying additional premiums with respect to such arrangements.

1. Subject to premium payment requirements.
2. Waiver of Surrender Charge Option is not available with the Survivor Premium Guarantee Rider. In Florida, there are no surrender charges for 1035 exchanges. Available for an additional charge per $1,000 per month, depending on issue age and underwriting class.
3. Not available with the Survivor Premium Guarantee Rider.

Please refer to the Survivorship GIUL marketing guide, PR-1435 and the Builder IUL Series marketing guide, PR-1275 for complete product details.

Survivorship GIUL is issued on policy form series LS171 without the Waiver of Surrender Charge and policy form series LS171W with the Waiver of Surrender Charge. Accelerated Benefit Endorsement for Chronic Illness and Terminal Illness is issued on form series LR463, Accelerated Benefit Endorsement for Terminal Illness is issued on form series LR464, Survivor Premium Guarantee Rider is issued on form series LR460, Estate Preservation Rider is issued on form series LR461, and Survivorship Policy Split Exchange Endorsement is issued on form series LR462, by North American Company for Life and Health Insurance, Administrative Office, Sioux Falls, SD 57193. Products, features, issue ages, endorsements or riders may not be available in all jurisdictions. Limitations or restrictions may apply.

Index Universal Life products are not an investment in the "market" or in the applicable index and are subject to all policy fees and charges normally associated with most universal life insurance.

"Standard & Poor's®", "S&P®", "S&P MidCap 400®", "S&P 500®", "Standard & Poor's 500®", "Standard & Poor's 400®", "400" and "500" are trademarks of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. and have been licensed for use by North American Company for Life and Health Insurance.

Russell 2000® Index is a trademark of Frank Russell Company and has been licensed for use by North American Company for Life and Health Insurance.

The Survivorship GIUL index universal life is not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by the S&P 500®, S&P MidCap 400®, and Russell 2000®, and they make no representation regarding the advisability of purchasing this contract or investing in this product.

PR-1447 R1 11/11