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Develop Your Policy Review Cases with North American
Ideas and Quick Tips to Help Build Sales


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Not only does life change, but life insurance products change over time.
That's why it's important for you to have a regular policy review practice in place.
Trust, credibility, and long-term relationships are just the beginning to the benefits
of scheduling reviews. Explore the topics below to help you build your policy
review practice.
  • Client profile
  • Helpful tips
  • Ideas
  • Samples cases

North American is here to support your sales efforts—
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Product Strengths

Here are a few items that may trigger the need to review a life insurance policy:

  • Change in marital status
  • New home
  • Children/Adoption
  • Taking on debt
  • Changes in business
  • Planning for college
  • Planning for retirement

And may include those who:

  • Are concerned about their policy performance
  • Want improved death benefit guarantees1

Product Strengths

Here are a few questions to answer when reviewing a policy.

  • Can the client retain the same coverage, but at a lower cost?
  • Is there a policy that offers more coverage for the same premium?
  • Can improved death benefit guarantees be found?
  • Is the death benefit enough, too much, or just right?

Product Strengths

For term life insurance policies:

  • Is there an opportunity for conversion?
    • Do you see policies coming to the end of their level term periods?
    • Has there been a change in health?
    • Have the client's needs changed significantly?

For permanent life insurance policies:

  • Start by looking at clients who bought policies five or more years ago.
    Interest rates have changed dramatically over the years, which may affect
    the performance of your clients' permanent life policies.
  • See if their plans offer guarantees. Many new universal life products on
    the market offer death benefit guarantees along with other guarantees
    that may appeal to the client.1
  • For more ideas, please see the Policy Review agent guide.

Sample Case One: Builder IUL®

Take a look at Builder IUL to help your clients build long-term cash value growth.
This indexed universal life insurance product offers a guaranteed interest bonus on
the index account along with several index selections to help boost long term cash
value accumulation. In the sample illustration, we show a male, age 50, preferred
non-tobacco who has an existing policy with a cash value of $25,110. His needs
have changed and he not only wants the $500,000 of death benefit protection,
but he also wants to accumulate cash value. He wants to pay premium of $16,500
for 7 years and then use the potential cash value accumulation to provide
supplemental retirement income at age 70 for 20 years using variable interest rate
loans (assuming a loan rate of 5.9%). View the illustration and find out his
potential supplemental income stream.

View illustration

Sample Case Two: Guarantee Builder IUL®

This indexed universal life insurance product offers long-term cash value growth
potential along with a guaranteed death benefit for clients seeking peace of mind.1
In this sample case, a female, age 60, preferred non-tobacco class has an existing
policy with $150,000 in cash value accumulation. Her old policy ($500,000 of
death benefit) was designed to be paid up at age 70; however the latest projections
are showing premiums beyond age 80! View the illustration to see how we can
increase her guaranteed death benefit,1 maintain her desired premium schedule,
and provide potential long-term cash value growth.

View illustration

Sample Case Three: Custom Guarantee®

Custom Guarantee universal life insurance offers guaranteed death benefit
protection up to age 120 and no payments beyond age 100.1 With a low starting
face amount of $25,000 on all rated classes, a guaranteed exchange privilege,2
and a two-year rolling target, Custom Guarantee is a competitive choice.
See how a 67-year old male, standard non-tobacco, can lower his premium
cost of $14,500 from his existing policy and guarantee a death benefit of
$500,000 until age 120.1

View illustration

Sample Case Four: Custom GrowthCV®

The Custom GrowthCV universal life insurance product offers clients competitive
cash value growth potential within a universal life design. It offers an attractive
Waiver of Surrender Charge Option3, conditionally guaranteed Interest Bonus of
1% in years 11-20 and 1.15% in years 21+.4 There is also a non-guaranteed
Premium Bonus to further help cash value accumulation. Please see the Custom
GrowthCV marketing guide for details. In this sample case, a 40 year-old female,
preferred non-tobacco client wants to replace her current UL with one that provides
better death benefit guarantees and more cash value accumulation potential.
She'll use the $50,000 of cash value and continue to pay $500 in monthly premium
for a planned 20 years. With Custom GrowthCV this would provide her with a
guaranteed death benefit until age 86 and the potential she's looking for in cash
value growth.1

View illustration


For help with your policy review cases, call Sales Development
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