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North American's Business Solutions
Funding an Executive Bonus Plan
with Life Insurance

Whether your clients own a large company or a small family-operated
business, the success of any business depends on smart strategy and
planning. North American Company offers business solutions using life
insurance to help ensure that your clients are armed with a strong incentive
to promote employee retention and help keep their business stable.

Help keep your clients' business strong by reducing turnover of key
employees that could result in potentially significant financial losses.
Give them a win-win business solution with an executive bonus plan:

  • Provides an attractive compensation package
  • Offers tax advantages for the business
  • Can be offered to selected employees
  • No IRS approval required
  • Is easy to implement and administer
  • Incentivizes employee retention with an attractive benefit
  • Increases employee morale
  • Cash value of the policy is tax-deferred
  • Employee retains control of the policy as the owner
  • Product Strengths


    For death benefit protection and the potential to earn significant cash value with attractive loan options, try North American's Builder IUL® indexed universal life insurance:

  • Exceptional cash value accumulation
  • Net Zero Cost Loans1 available starting in policy year six on 100% of the loan value; variable interest rate loans are also available starting in year two
  • Several index options and crediting methods provide clients with flexibility and the opportunity for potentially strong cash growth
  • Interest bonus on both the index account and the fixed account2
  • Accelerated Benefits for Chronic and Terminal Illness allow for access to a portion of the death benefit if the insured becomes chronically ill or terminally ill

    Product Strengths


    And for the same death benefit protection needs and potential for cash value growth with a universal life insurance product, try Custom GrowthCV® indexed universal life insurance:

  • Waiver of Surrender Charge Option3 with table shaving component4
  • Premium Bonus: conditionally guaranteed; payable in years 11-155
  • Interest Bonus: conditionally guaranteed at 1% in years 11-20 and 1.15% in years 21+2
  • Chronic Illness Accelerated Benefit Rider allows for access to a portion of the death benefit if the insured becomes chronically ill


    Get an illustration on your next Executive Bonus case!

    Call Sales Development today at (800) 800-3656 ext. 10411
    or email at salessupport@nacolah.com to help show your clients
    how life insurance may be used for Executive Bonus plans to help
    your clients' business remain strong.