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Estate Planning with Life Insurance
Help Clients Meet Their Estate Planning Needs

Get an illustration on your next Estate Planning case!

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Most clients will accumulate significant assets through their lifetime. Help to
address your client's needs and find a smart, affordable estate planning solution.

  • Are aged 45 – 70
  • Own a business
  • Own land or hard assets of significant value
  • Want to provide heirs with a liquid estate
  • Want a guaranteed death benefit1
  • Want to reduce tax consequences for heirs2
  • Have an estate worth $1 million or more
  • Want to balance an inheritance among heirs
  • Wish to make charitable bequests2
  • Want to provide funds for a college education3
  • Build – outpace inflation
  • Preserve – Prepare for estate taxes, probate costs, and pay off debts that can eat away at wealth
  • Maximize – Grow the available inheritance for each heir throughout your client's lifetime
  • Product Strengths

      Survivorship GIUL indexed universal life is designed for clients who want the security of guaranteed death benefit coverage for two lives.

  • Solid death benefit protection covering two lives
  • Guaranteed extended Death Benefit protection with the optional Survivor Premium Guarantee Rider1,4
  • Estate Preservation Rider
  • Survivorship Policy Split Exchange
  • Waiver of Surrender Charge Option (cost depends on joint equal age)5
  • Return of Premium Death Benefit Option
  • Index-based interest credited on the Indexed Account

    Product Strengths

      Custom Guarantee® provides low-cost permanent life insurance with guaranteed death benefit protection.1

  • No premium payments beyond age 100
  • Guaranteed Exchange Privilege
  • Chronic Illness Accelerated Benefit Rider
  • Low minimum face amount of $25,000
  • Competitive commissions with a two-year rolling target