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  Custom Accumulator

Custom Accumulator
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Get a quote on your next cash accumulation universal life case!

Call (800) 800-3656 ext. 10411 and North American's Sales Development team will show you just how Custom Accumulator will help your clients meet their financial goals!


  • Appealing Return of Premium feature

  • Non-guaranteed Interest Bonus of 1% in years 6+2

  • Attractive loan options

  • Chronic Illness Accelerated Benefit Rider


  • 1035 Exchanges

  • Supplement College Funding3

  • Asset Transfers

  • Issue Ages:15 days to 75 years, (age nearest)

  • Minimum Face Amount: $50,000

  • Interest Rate1

    • 2.5% guaranteed in all years is credited to the account value.

    • 1.0% bonus in year 6+ on a non-guaranteed basis (bonus interest not applied to loaned funds).2

  • No Lapse Guarantee Coverage:

    • Issue ages 0-64 – 10 years

    • Issue ages 65+ - 5 years

  • Policy Loans:

    • Policy years 1-10: the policy loan interest rate is guaranteed not to exceed 8.0%

    • Policy years 11 +: loans have no net cost because the loan interest rate and the credited interest rate are both set at 2.5% resulting in a 0% net loan interest rate

  • Return of Premium upon surrender:

    • 95% in the first 5 years (all issue ages); 100% in years 6-10 (issue ages below 65); 100% in years 6-7 (issue ages 65+)

  • Underwriting Classes:

    • Super Preferred Non-Tobacco, Preferred Non-Tobacco, Standard Non-Tobacco, Preferred Tobacco, Standard Tobacco


Call Sales Development today at (800) 800-3656 ext. 10411
and show your clients a terrific way to protect their financial future.


1Subject to payment requirements.
2Custom Accumulator offers a conditionally guaranteed interest bonus to further help your clients build long-term cash value accumulation. Interest bonus may be earned when we declare a current interest rate that exceeds the guaranteed interest rate. Interest Bonus percentages are not guaranteed and subject to change; however, once a policy is issued, the percentage will not change. Not available in Texas. Interest bonus is not applied to loaned funds.
3The primary purpose of life insurance is to provide a death benefit to beneficiaries. Because of the uncertainty surrounding all funding options except savings, it is critical to encourage your clients to make personal savings the cornerstone or your clients' college funding program. However, even a well conceived savings plan can be vulnerable. Should your clients die prematurely, their savings plan could come to an abrupt end. To protect against this unexpected event, life insurance may be the only vehicle that can help assure the completion of a funding plan. In addition to the financial protection aspect of insurance, the tax-deferred buildup of cash values can be part of your clients' college savings plan. Generally, distributions up to the contract's cost basis are tax free. Moreover, loans in excess of the cost basis are also tax free as long as the policy remains in force.

Please refer to the marketing guide (PR-1084) for complete product details. Custom Accumulator is issued on policy form series LS165B, Chronic Illness Accelerated Benefit Rider is issued on form series LR450A by North American Company for Life and Health Insurance, Executive Office, Chicago, IL 60607. Products, features, riders, endorsements, or issue ages not be available in all jurisdictions. Limitations or restrictions may apply.

PR-1348 R1 4/11